Macrolite helps save pilots and weight.

Macrolite provides a top-quality flight deck armor solution that exceeds in-air safety protection standards at a lower weight. 

Its high-performance composite sheets are easily integrated into the primary structure of flight decks, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming assembly.

Key benefits of Macrolite flight deck armor:

  • Lower weight and environmental impact
  • Reduced costs of total installation
  • Lower assembly time
  • Higher design freedom

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Unlike other flight deck armor that’s built with a bolt-on non-structural ballistic panel, Macrolite is a true one-sheet solution that can be integrated into the flight-deck bulkhead and serve as primary aircraft structure. [close up photo]

The high-performance Macrolite sheets are available in large-sheet form and withstand secondary consolidation easing flight-deck assembly and reducing the weight and number of fastening and joining features. The integrated panels do not deform as much as traditional ballistic laminates, reducing volume necessary without compromising protection. Integrated designs save weight, enabling lower fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Tailored to fit any project.

If you want proven flight deck protection that can seamlessly integrate into aircraft structure, you want Macrolite. Contact us to learn more or to spec Macrolite for your project.

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