Macrolite provides higher impact resistance.

Macrolite provides a strong and lightweight solution for aircraft cargo liners and other applications that call for a high-traffic abrasion resistant material. 

As a more robust composite, Macrolite also helps reduce repairs, improving asset availability and lowering maintenance and repair expenditures.

Macrolite abrasion resistant systems offer a number of benefits compared to other alternatives:

  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Tailored for any operational environment
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Minimizes repairs
  • Compliant with all regulatory standards

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Thanks to its innovative materials and manufacturing, Macrolite composite sheets also offer higher cut and dent resistance than aluminum sheet metal or traditional glass fiber reinforced laminates.

Tailored to fit any project.

If you have an application requiring protection from cyclic impact or abrasion, it calls for Macrolite. Contact us to learn more or to spec Macrolite for your project.

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