Build it better with Macrolite

A lightweight, fire resistant, more durable alternative to sheet metal.

Innovative composite material system that is more impact resistant, more durable and more flame resistant than sheet metal.


Macrolite is the perfect composite system for a number of applications

Thinkers. Doers. Owners.

Our goal is to create the most innovative composite material systems that create a safer, more sustainable future for cargo, military, and civilian transport.

MACRO is a 100% employee-owned company. We are a highly skilled, certified small business where our people are experienced, practical, and multi-disciplined, allowing us to be nimble to serve our customers and quickly leverage the most innovative ideas and technologies.


Quietly serving all major DoD branches and Systems Integrators.

Builder of the most feature-rich, complex, integrated armor systems. Whatever you fly, there’s a good chance you’ve been protected by Macro Armor.

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