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The air cargo game is changing. One of the catalysts of that change is Macrolite. Air cargo containers made with Macrolite provide carriers with the longest-lasting, most durable, fire-resistant material that exceeds the highest safety standards.

Lighter and Stronger

Macrolite containers are significantly stronger than standard aluminum containers, despite lighter, making them ideal to help the air freight industry lower fuel costs and environmental impact. Further, Macrolite durability means ULD’s need less repair and will last longer, delaying replacement costs and lowering annual maintenance budgets.

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More Fire Resistant

ULDs with Macrolite are also more fire resistant. A Macrolite ULD can contain a fire for up to 6-hours. An aluminum container’s fire resistance is primarily based on thermal conductivity and air-control, something easily compromised over-time as damage and repairs build-up or more energetic fires reach steady-state temperatures that exceed aluminum’s melt temperature. Macrolite fire-resistant panels perform the same ten years into service as they do on day one, ensuring continued safety throughout the extended life of the ULD.

Macrolite offers a number of benefits compared to ULDs made with aluminum:

  • Higher impact resistance (lowering annual repair expense)
  • Lower weight and environmental impact
  • Greater fire and heat resistance
  • Longer product lifetimes (lower annual amortization expense and delayed repurchase)
  • Exceeds all current regulatory standards

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Macrolite ULDs are built to last – the most proven composite ULD material flying today.

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If your commercial project calls for a one-of-a kind composite system, it calls for Macrolite. Contact us to learn more or to spec Macrolite for your project.

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