Macrolite Benefits

Macrolite is produced as engineered fiber sheets that can be a drop-in replacement for sheet metal and traditional composite laminates. It can also be customized for almost any application.

Fire Resistant

Proven in airline unit load devices (ULD), Macrolite can contain a 1,200-degree fire for four hours.


Macrolite is 33% lighter than aluminum leading to significant fuel savings and less environmental impact.

Abrasion / Impact Resistant

Made from resilient aramid fibers, Macrolite is much more durable against friction, abrasion and impacts compared to sheet metal and traditional composite systems.

Positive ROI

With a longer service-life, fuel savings through weight reduction, and a reduction of repair costs, Macrolite will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Wherever sheet metal goes, Macrolite goes better.

Macrolite is an ideal replacement for any common sheet metal.

  • Can be shaped using standard sheet metal forming equipment
  • Fastened without needing specialty fasteners or edge reinforcement
  • Can be produced in various sizes, shapes and colors
  • Its properties can be customized to meet specific design and performance requirements.


Macrolite composites systems are primarily fielded in aviation, but are also ideal for many other commercial applications.

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