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Active Antimicrobial Solutions

In keeping with our mission of commercializing disruptive technologies for the betterment of humanity, MACRO Industries, Inc. is proud to launch MACRO-Shield, a new division of products aimed at providing cleaner, safer, and more sustainable environments using active antimicrobial technology.

What is MACRO-Shield?

The MACRO-Shield product line offers a variety of options all of which provide added layers of protection against bacteria, fungi, molds, odors, mildew, and other types of unwanted microbial growth. 

Products in the test and registration phase include:

  • Protective Mats: Designed for overlay on high-touch surfaces, these mats are suitable for use in schools, offices, medical facilities, restaurants, and even residential use.
  • Floor & Wall Coverings: Originally developed for use in mobile hospital units, these make an excellent addition to new construction and renovation projects in any industry.
  • High-Performance Composite Films: Utilizing a high-performance surfacing film, the benefits of MACRO-Shield antimicrobial technology can be added to any MACRO-Lite or custom composite product, laminate, or lay-up.
  • Spray Coatings have been custom developed by MACRO that can be field, or factory applied to compatible surfaces. This ruggedized spray brings MACRO-Shield properties to existing products, surfaces, and platforms.
  • While MACRO-Shield materials do not rely on topical disinfectants to achieve cleanliness, they augment their use and we believe redundant measures with regular disinfection to be the safest approach. Thus, the MACRO-Shield product line also includes Cleaners
  • MACRO has long-standing relationships within the chemical industry due to our custom composite resins. MACRO can leverage those to provide EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaners at bulk, institutional pricing.

  • MACRO-Shield materials provide an extra layer of protection against bacteria, fungi, molds, odors, mildew, and other unwanted microbial growth on the product surface.
  • MACRO-Shield materials are easy to clean – soap and water are sufficient.
  • MACRO-Shield materials stay cleaner than untreated surfaces absent cleaning. These products will also not degrade under chemical disinfection.
  • MACRO-Shield materials reduce the likelihood of encountering “community surfaces.”
  • MACRO-Shield Cleaners provide EPA-registered List-N disinfectants and cleaners at direct pricing providing end-user value by avoiding the common subscription model or commercially branded premium prices.

MACRO engineers tailor additives such as copper, silver, and zinc based on compatibility with the host material, often employing multiple additives to achieve the broadest effectivity. MACRO-Shield further differentiates its products with optional inclusion of active ingredients in the host product itself (rather than a coating which can be susceptible to wear over time).

MACRO-Lite can be produced in various sizes, molded/formed into shapes, precision cut, is available in a variety of colors, and can be prepped for painting or designed for no-finish/exterior use. Design parameters such as drilling provisions, bend radii, edge distances, punch/die settings, etc. are available upon request.

MACRO’s core focus has always been commercializing customized high-performance, high-volume flat-sheet materials. Target markets have long been transportation, habitation, and defense. MACRO holds the belief that raw materials and sub-components should be engineered and optimized to provide multiple features and benefits to any product. We have differentiated our products by providing higher value to the end-user of each individual product. In other words, we engineered materials to solve specific problems for our customers. MACRO-Shield materials follow our tried and true product development approach.

Providing a cleaner, safer environment for  families, employees, colleagues, and friends became a priority across the globe in 2020. Like many during the onset of the pandemic, we looked at how we could aid national and global efforts. Our focus became continued operation and an uninterrupted supply of the life-saving protective products that MACRO is known for today (MACRO-Armor and MACRO-Lite). Customers who rely on MACRO materials began asking about the longevity of our products when repeatedly exposed to chemical disinfection (they are unaffected!) and about how to add cleaner surfaces to the product features. That highlighted our niche: engineering cleaner surfaces with dual-purpose materials, and cost-effectively delivering them in high-volume. MACRO-Shield was born.

With the launch of this new division, MACRO is planning investments in materials, technologies, and product development activities that further our stated goals. Our success stems from partnering with our customers to solve problems. If you want to be a part of the MACRO-Shield future, or have a need for customized products in this market, please contact us here.