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Advanced composite solutions for commercial and defense applications

The foundational technology of MACRO Industries, Inc. is our MACRO-Lite composite material system. The MACRO-Lite family of materials have gained ever increasing usage in the commercial aerospace and defense industries. MACRO-Lite is an engineered fiber reinforced sheet with superior impact resistance, durability, and flame resistance. It is designed as a drop-in replacement for sheet metal and traditional composite laminates and can be customized for most applications.

 Light Weight

 Abrasion Resistant

 Impact Resistant

 Flame Resistant

 Active Antimicrobial (Optional)

ASTM D3884 Taber Abrasion, .005 to .030 mg loss per revolution

ASTM D3039 Tensile Strength, 400 - 425 Mpa

ISO 12236 Puncture, 7.25 - 9.00 kN


  • 14CFR25.853d App F, Part 1 (a)(2)(iv)
  • 14CFR25.853d App F, Part 1 (a)(1)(ii)
  • 14CFR25 App F, Part III – Ceiling Orientation


  • 10+ year weathering in FL & AZ
  • Xenon exposure Quarz Boro 2500kJ accelerated weathering

ISO 12236 / ISO 4892-3 Cycle 1 UV & Humidity

MIL-STD-810G, Method 508.6 Fungus Resistance

Optional Antimicrobial:

  • JIS Z 2801 (ISO 22196) - 99%+ reduction of tested microbes

See our Technical Data Sheets for more detail

MACRO-Lite offers several unique properties not present in other common composite materials:

  • No micro-cracking around holes, or crack propagation when damaged.
  • Electrically insulative, resulting in no galvanic corrosion or fay surface sealing requirements.
  • None of the smoke density or flame toxicity issues with many commercial aramid laminates.
  • No harmful dust and fibers when worked common to carbon fiber and fiberglass alternatives.
  • Inert, environmentally stable, and both UV & chemical resistant.
  • Affordability, driven by volume and short supply chain.

MACRO-Lite is an ideal replacement for primary and secondary structural applications common to sheet metal. It can be shaped using standard sheet metal forming equipment, and fastened without the need for specialty fasteners or edge reinforcement. It can be used as a “drop-in” replacement for most types of commercially available sheet metals, or specific material properties can be fine-tuned to meet individual design and performance requirements.

MACRO-Lite can be produced in various sizes, molded/formed into shapes, precision cut, comes in a variety of colors, and can be prepped for painting or designed for no-finish/exterior use. Design parameters such as drilling provisions, bend radii, edge distances, punch/die settings, etc. available upon request.

MACRO-Lite Fire Resistant ULD Container Skins

MACRO-Lite materials have been adopted in the air cargo industry for use as skins for Unit Load Devices (ULD) due to their lighter weight, improved durability, and ability to withstand and contain fires.