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Our goal is to create the most innovative composite material systems that create a safer, more sustainable future for cargo and civilian transport.

MACRO is a 100% employee-owned company. We are a highly skilled, certified small business where our people are experienced, practical, and multi-disciplined, allowing us to be nimble to serve our customers and quickly leverage the most innovative ideas and technologies.

Our Vision

We’re building a safer, more sustainable future for transportation.

At MACRO, we’re focused on creating the most innovative composite materials and providing our customers with forward-thinking solutions that set a new industry standard for the protection of goods and materials, and the people who deliver them, in the air, on the road and everywhere in between. We work hard and nimbly to help protect our customers’ reputation and bottom line.

MACRO at a Glance

100% employee owned

ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Certified

50 employees

Macrolite manufacturing facility: Lenexa, Kansas

MACRO Armor manufacturing facility: Huntsville, Alabama


Innovative composite material system that is more impact resistant, more durable and more flame resistant than sheet metal.


Macrolite is produced as engineered fiber sheets that can be a drop-in replacement for sheet metal and traditional composite laminates. It can also be customized for almost any application.

Fire Resistant

Proven in airline unit load devices (ULD), Macrolite can contain a 1,200-degree fire for four hours.


Macrolite is nearly 50% lighter than aluminum leading to significant fuel savings and less environmental impact.

Abrasion / Impact Resistant

Made from strong aramid fibers, Macrolite is much more durable against friction, abrasion and impacts compared to sheet metal.

Positive ROI

By helping to save fuel and reduce repair costs, Macrolite will have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Macrolite is the perfect composite system for a number of applications.

  • Custom Solutions
  • Air Cargo Containers / ULDs
  • Abrasion Resistant Systems
  • Aviation Armor
  • Flight Deck Armor
  • Fire Resistant Boxes

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