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Rotary Cartridge Valve - RCV Technology

The central theme behind this discussion of Rotary Cartridge Valve is the benefit seen in a variety of critical operations for the internal combustion engine. The information provided below illustrates the potential gain with the Rotary Cartridge Valve.



RCV Performance Figures


  • 10% Reduction in Engine Cost
  • 10% Reduction in Exhaust Emissions
  • 15% Reduction in Engine Maintenance
  • 20% Increase in Fuel Mileage on Highway
  • 30% Increase in Engine Horsepower
  • 50% Increase in Fuel Mileage In Town


Benefit Details 

  1. Increased Engine Power - Less power is used in aspiration, centralized spark plug yields more complete combustion.
  2. Increased Performance - Engine response becomes more responsive, with faster acceleration.
  3. Variable Output - Variable valve duration control yields efficient On Demand Power.
  4. Reduced Emissions - More complete combustion, variable duration allows for more accurate control of fuel to air ratio per RPM range.
  5. Reduced Weight - The RCV valve train systems incorporates weight optimization.
  6. Reduced Part Count - Several intake and exhaust valve components are no longer required and the RCV serves as both intake and exhaust. No camshaft wear, and no valve cyclical load.
  7. Reduced Maintenance - RCV is a cartridge assembly, a valve job is a simple unbolt and replace task with no special tools required.

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