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Because of our extensive background, MACRO provides many engineering services. Our workforce is ready to provide you with whatever assistance you need or even to do the complete job. If there's a job you need done, MACRO can do it.

Software Engineering – MACRO has experience in design, development, production, maintenance, advanced, and applied programming. MACRO’s programming skills included Visual Basic, VC++, C, C++, MFC, active-X, ADA, Delphi, Fortran and others. MACRO has successfully ported NASTRAN to various platforms including PCs, workstations and mainframes. MACRO currently focuses on the PC market.

Software Conversions – MACRO has developed tools to automate the porting of large mainframe code to the PC and has been successful in converting Fortran 77 programs to C++. MACRO utilizes ISO 9000 based software development documentation. 

Hardware Engineering – MACRO has the talent to take an ideal from concept to prototype using design, 3D CAD modeling, 2D drafting, and rapid prototyping techniques. MACRO focuses primarily on portable devices using single board computers.

Engineering Analysis – MACRO performs structural analysis using classical and finite element analysis tools. MACRO typically uses MI/NASTRAN, our proprietary version of NASTRAN; however, our engineers are well versed in other FEA programs as well.

Rapid Prototyping – MACRO uses rapid prototyping concepts to convert solid models to finished parts in record time.

Mechanical Design – MACRO recently expanded in the mechanical design and has won several contracts to provide the design, assembly, and engineering data sets for the retrofit of the Heavy HMMWV with Military Shelter S-788/G system.  All work must be in compliance with standard manufacturing practices and meets human engineering requirements.


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