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As a small business, MACRO's product base is continually changing to meet the needs of our customers. While change is good, we also have several core products that we produce and support. If there is a product you need designed, built, analyzed, or engineered in any way, MACRO can support it.


  • MACROLite CompositesHard Pressed Composite Laminates; Lower Weight Alternatives for Aluminum and Titanium. By re-engineering already existing military and commercial structures, customers can reduce weight up to fifty percent using MACROLite. MACROLite provides optimum performance under the most demanding field conditions and is heat and fire resistant. MACROLite can be layered to meet the customer’s structural requirements. MACROLite is available in any size up to 7.5’ wide x 10’ long. Visit our News page to see MACROLite used in shipping containers.

  • Composite Bustle Box using MACRO’s proprietary material, SC Wafer, this box that is capable of meeting or exceeding current requirements. This composite bustle box weighs under 45 lbs, less than one-half the weight of the aluminum box and is better able to withstand environmental conditions.  For details see Composite Materials.

Photo courtesy of the Ohio National Guard

  • Chaparral CabMACRO built a cab enclosure using our proprietary 3/4” SC Wafer. This cab weighs 250 lbs. MACRO Industries or a vendor or your choice can add ballistic protection. SC Wafer provides a rugged, lightweight, durable and repairable solution for military weight problems. More information on the Chaparral is available here.

Chaparral Cab

  • SCOUTVertical Take Off and Landing Unmanned Arial Narrow Vehicle (UAV)

SkyRider Scout

  • SIM PlugAir Force B–1B EXCM flare/chaff digital test device. For details see SIM Plug.

  • RCV - Rotary Cartridge Valve. For details see MACRO Valve

  • Laser Torque Calibration Tool Designed and built an alpha unit for the CALSET 2000 project.

  • DTMTDigital Torque Measurement Tool, our commercial version of the LTC

  • SkyRider - Vertical Take Off and Landing airborne personal transportation vehicle (In design phase)

  • ARMY AN/GSM–4212nd Generation Army Forward Area Calibration System. A brochure in PDF format is available here

  • ARMY SICPSTransportable Dosimetry Laboratory

  • ARMY AFACSArmy Forward Area Calibration System. Heavy HMMWV with Military Shelter S-788/G System, prototype. A brochure of upgrades in PDF format is available here

  • ARMY MK–45Micro Climatic Enclosure Design

  • ARMY LAAJLarge Area Alpha Jig; Geiger counter calibration tool

  • ARMY JROMPSSingle Board Computer Training Unit

  • Laser Torque Calibration Tool (LTC)Designed and built an alpha unit for the CALSET 2000 project

  • MLRS - Fire Control Trainer – Commercial trainer of the MLRS fire control unit

  • JROMPS Trainer Commercial mockup of the RTS radio unit

  • Light Weight Armor ProtectionPrototype protection system for the Army’s MK 45 bulldozer environmental system

  • NAVY OL267 RackStress/Shock analysis

  • NAVY PC–17Global Analysis

  • ARMY Pershing II Motor, FOG–M, MK–45Stress/Modal/Fracture

  • NASA Space Station FreedomGlobal Stress/Fracture analysis

  • M820–A2 Expando VansRetrofit and Modernization



  • MI/NASTRAN An accepted standard as a general purpose Finite Element Analysis tool. For details see MI/NASTRAN

  • MI/FEM - Combined Modeler/Finite Analysis Software (not yet available for release)

  • MI/FLAGROFatigue/Fracture analysis program (not yet available for release)

  • WARP SOLVERWarp Speed matrix solver (soon to be integrated into the NASTRAN product)

  • FMC B-1B Flight Line Maintenance Program, our Portable Maintenance Aid (PMA) for the B-1B Bomber. A white paper in PDF format is available here

  • FIGB-1B Fault Isolation Guide automation program

  • GPMAIDGeneric Portable Maintenance Aid. A white paper in PDF format is available here

  • WORDMANMSWord based electronic technical manuals

  • PC CEPSB-1B Bomber CITS Expert System, flight data database tool

  • GRTB-1B Bomber electronic Ground Readiness Test system



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