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MACRO Industries, Inc. - Investment Status

MACRO Industries, Inc., is currently seeking investors for SkyRider and the Rotary Cartridge Valve. We currently have investors in the RCV technology and a second opportunity to invest will be occurring this summer (2000). Please contact us for further details regarding investment in any of our technologies.


MACRO Industries, Inc. - Background

MACRO Engineering was started in 1991 to provide the first PC version of NASTRAN to the general engineering market. The company ported the original NASTRAN code from the VAX version to the PC environment, and currently provides engineering design and analysis services to the user community. MACRO’s intimate knowledge of NASTRAN, combined with practical application experience has allowed MACRO to develop a solid customer base for both its NASTRAN product and engineering services. MACRO Engineering incorporated in 1993 and assumed the name MACRO Industries, Inc. We still maintain the MACRO Engineering name, however, it is being phased out. The principal office is located in Huntsville, Alabama.

MACRO Industries has also established two Limited Liability Corporations (L.L.C.) whose missions are to pursue specific types of work that originally fell under MACRO Industries. These new companies have allowed us to obtain investors and partners in specific business areas without effecting the day-to-day business of MACRO Industries.

MACRO Industries founded MACRO Valve, L.L.C. in 1997 to exploit the Rotary Cartridge Valve (RCV) technology which was patented in 1998. MACRO currently has and is seeking outside investors to further the development of this technology.

MACRO Industries also founded MACRO Analysis, L.L.C. in 1998 as a joint venture between MACRO and Schaeffer Software Systems to provide state of the art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools.


690 Discovery Dr., Huntsville, AL 35806

Tel: (256) 721-1120

Fax: (256) 721-1129