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MACRO-Lite Composites
The foundational technology of MACRO Industries, Inc. is our MACRO-Lite composite material system. The MACRO-Lite family of materials have gained ever increasing usage in the commercial aerospace and defense industries:
  • Weight savings, decreased repair frequency, and increased fire resistance for Unit Load Device (ULD) skins in the shipping industry.
  • Primary and secondary structures in air and ground vehicles.
  • Lithium-ion Battery fire containment.
  • Hardened secondary integrated ballistic structures in aircraft.
  • Rail-seat abrasion and rail isolation applications for rail industry track fastening applications.
With unique properties not found in other composite materials:
  • No micro-cracking around holes, or crack propagation when damaged.
  • Electrically insulative, resulting in no galvanic corrosion or faying surface sealing requirements.
  • None of the smoke density or flame toxicity issues common to many commercial aramid laminates.
  • No harmful dust and fibers when worked which are common to carbon fiber and fiberglass alternatives.
  • Inert, environmentally stable, and both UV and chemical resistant.
  • Affordability, driven by volume and short supply chain.
MACRO-Lite Composites Datasheets
To see a color brochure on MACRO-Lite composites, Click here.

To see a Technical Data Sheet for MACRO-Lite Fire Resistant Container Skins, Click here.

To see a Technical Data Sheet for MACRO-Lite ULD Skins, Click here.

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