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Composite Materials
MACRO can provide sheets of composite material and end items utilizing MACRO Wafer, a composite material specifically designed to meet or exceed structural requirements while reducing weight. A structure or box made from SC Wafer will weigh 30 to 50 percent less than an aluminum counterpart. SC Wafer can be produced in varying thickness to accommodate structural weight requirements, and EMI shielding can be incorporated into the SC Wafer.
SC Wafer can be used for a variety of applications, limited only by your imagination.
Below is a box built out of 13/16" SC Wafer which allowed us to utilize stock aluminum angles. 13/16" SC Wafer weighs 1.49 lbs per square foot. 5/16" SC Wafer weighs 0.78 lbs per square foot and diamond plate aluminum weighs 1.84 lbs per square foot.

This box is built out of 5/16"
SC Wafer and is just an
example of our capabilities.

A Traditional Bustle Box
MACRO has produced a Bustle Box using MACRO’s proprietary material, SC Wafer, to provide a box that is capable of meeting or exceeding structural requirements. This composite bustle box weighs under 45 lbs, less than one-half to one-third the weight of the aluminum box (depending upon configuration) and is better able to withstand environmental conditions.

Here is a Bustle Box attached to the Avenger. These three guys weigh over 600 lbs! Just imagine how the aluminum box would have bowed from the weight, which is a major problem with aluminum.

Remember - this box only weighs 45 lbs.

We are currently prototyping a cab made primarily from our 13/16" SC Wafer. MACRO Industries or a vendor or your choice can add ballistic protection. SC Wafer provides a rugged, lightweight, durable and repairable solution for military weight problems.

SC Wafer can be layered to provide any strength desired. Diamond plate deflects under 50 lbs, whereas the 13/16” piece of SC Wafer deflects less than 1/4” at 100 lbs.  The 13/16” SC Wafer weighs less than the 1/8” diamond plate.

SC Wafer is heat and fire resistant. This sample was burned at point blank with a propane blowtorch. The interior material was singed but did not burn. SC Wafer provides greater resistance to fire damage than many materials currently used in military applications.

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