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MACRO Industries offers a complete package of Finite Element (FE) tools to meet your modeling needs. The backbone of this package is the analysis workhorse MI/NASTRAN, a proprietary version of the industry standard NASTRAN that represents the efforts of MACRO Industries to provide a robust and powerful PC version of NASTRAN.

For your pre and post processing needs, we are a reseller of the FEMAP modeling system. FEMAP is a very powerful modeling package for a small price. It works extremely well with MI/NASTRAN and is the package we use in-house. For additional information about FEMAP, check out the FEMAP homepage.



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We are now accepting user questions for use in generating a MI/NASTRAN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet. If you have frequently occurring questions or problem types, please send them to As we receive questions, we will post and update the FAQ sheet.




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